Doctors to Come Off GMC Register and Retrain as Beauty Therapists?

Martyn Roe
By Martyn Roe

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I have heard this comment from several doctors over the last few weeks since the information provided by Dr Phillip Dobson of Lasercare Services Ltd was blogged about on this site by Ron Myers and it really emphasises how ill-thought-out the government proposals are.

As it is currently proposed, a Doctor, Nurse or Dental Practice carrying out Laser Hair Removal for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), acne treatments or any of the other as yet-to-be-decided "disorders" with a Laser/IPL device will need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission.

However, it currently looks like a beauty salon, even if they have a visiting doctor, dentist or nurse doing injectables, carrying out skin rejuvenation and hair removal with a laser or IPL would not need to be registered.

Skin rejuvenation has and certainly will be used as terminology that can cover, acne, rosacea, thread veins and other disorders without the requirement for diagnosis and medical intervention and would I believe be used as cover by beauty therapists so they can carry out these treatments whilst not having to register! Also how many beauty therapists can diagnose whether excess hair is caused by PCOS?
Okay, so it seems that treatments carried out in unregistered premises will be liable for VAT, however, the VAT one would be able to claim back from the cost of the laser and other equipment could balance this out, plus VAT would not be levied on a visiting doctor carrying out injectable treatments!

Therefore, I have to say that when one looks at the proposals perhaps these doctors who have mentioned deregistering may be right. If they deregister, they can still inject dermal fillers, they could get botulinum toxin from the many remote prescribers providing this service under their guidance and then they could offer hair removal and skin rejuvenation and pretty much everything they are currently offering, without the need for registration.

I believe this clearly demonstrates how ill-thought-through the proposals are and if passed all those trainee doctors currently studying medicine who know they want to specialise in Aesthetics may want to consider switching courses to the quicker and cheaper beauty course!

On this subject the silence from the BACD, BAAPS, RCN and BDC is deafening!
I am just surprised that they haven't been galvanised by the noise of the cheering coming from BABTAC and the like!
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