Engage Direct With Consumers

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Through your Membership with ConsultingRoom.com, we have multiple routes for you to engage direct with your key audience and potential customers.

Dedicated Consumer-Facing Profile

Clinics on ConsultingRoom.com can benefit from a dedicated consumer-facing profile, ensuring direct and seamless communication with potential customers. This profile serves as a central hub where clinics can provide their essential information, including contact details, in a fully-trackable manner. Through various interactive features and clickable links, clinics can effortlessly connect with individuals seeking their services, establishing a reliable and efficient means of communication between the clinic and potential customers. To learn more about how clinics can leverage this consumer-facing profile, visit our lead generation page.

Interact With Consumers in The Q&A Section

Engage with potential customers and showcase your expertise by responding to treatment inquiries in our public Q&A section. This is an excellent opportunity to build your reputation and establish credibility among individuals seeking information about treatments. By providing valuable answers, you can attract and connect with potential customers, ultimately enhancing your chances of converting them into loyal clients. Best of all, multiple members of your staff can register to receive alerts when a consumer is seeking information to ensure you don't miss the opportunity to respond.


Become a Blog Author

Contributing to our blog empowers clinic staff members to enhance their online presence, increasing visibility and engaging with customers. With over 700 consumer-facing posts, our blog attracts high traffic, demonstrating our commitment to informative content. Showcase your expertise through blog contributions, with multiple links to your clinic's website and profiles. Optimise your clinic's visibility in search engine rankings and seize the opportunity to make a lasting impression. 

To learn more about how clinics can leverage our consumer-facing blog, visit our becoming a blog author page.

Social Media 

At Consulting Room, we offer a unique opportunity to showcase your consumer-facing clinic news to a wide audience. Our extensive social media presence allows us to promote your offers, announcements, and special deals to our dedicated followers. By leveraging our established platforms, your clinic can gain increased visibility and reach among potential customers. Let us amplify your message and generate buzz for your clinic through our targeted social media channels. Together, we'll create a powerful online presence that drives engagement and attracts new clients.

Consumer-Facing Social Media Audiences

Still getting to grips with social media? Our Members-only social media starter course will ensure you are ready to unlock the full potential of social media.

Social media

Start Engaging With Your Customers on a Whole New Level and See the Impact It Makes on Your Success.