AMP Takes Over Uk and Ireland Distribution of Cellenis® PRP

Martyn Roe
By Martyn Roe

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Aesthetic Medical Partnership (AMP) will be taking over the distribution of Cellenis® Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in the UK and Ireland from Medira.

The distribution deal will begin on April 1, 2024, and will see Cellenis® PRP join AMP’s existing biologics portfolio, which includes the Plant Derived ExtraCellular Nano Complex system, EXO|E for skin and DE|RIVE for scalp and hair.

The company will also spearhead the UK launch of Cellenis® PRP DermaFiller – a fully autologous regenerative volumiser – to the UK market in the coming months, further developing its focus on the growing regenerative area of aesthetic medicine.

Cellenis® Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), made by ESTAR, is the number one PRP supplier in the US.  The user-friendly system has fewer steps than other PRP kits and only requires a small volume of blood.

It uses a medical-grade separation device designed to process 11 and 22ml blood. It also utilises a specially designed and proprietary Separator Gel, which optimises its biological profile by virtually eliminating granulocytes from the PRP. Granulocytes are considered unbeneficial in terms of the regeneration process and may contribute to a catabolic effect by secreting catabolic mediators, including metalloproteinases.

It also eliminates undesired erythrocytes (red blood cells), which have been shown to significantly decrease fibroblast proliferation and augment apoptosis in vitro.

In addition, Cellenis® PRP enables a high platelet concentration by allowing practitioners to control the final volume of PRP.

Cellenis® PRP treatments improve skin texture and tone and restore skin moisture and glow. Cellenis® PRP is safe, effective, versatile, non-allergenic, and offers virtually no downtime or side effects.

AMP co-founder and director Martyn Roe said, “We are delighted to be building on the firm foundations Medira have already laid in the UK market and are excited to grow the Cellenis®  brand. Cellenis® PRP is the number 1 PRP provider in the US, and we look forward to adding Cellenis® customers to our growing list of AMP partners. To further develop our focus on regenerative medicine, we are particularly excited to launch Cellenis® PRP DermaFiller, a fully autologous regenerative volumiser, in the UK market in the next few months.”

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About AMP

Aesthetic Medical Partnership (AMP) was founded by Martyn Roe and Paul Simmonds, long-term friends who have more than four decades of experience in the aesthetics sector.

Collectively, they have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in what makes a successful product or treatment and how technology and ingredients can work to elevate the services of an aesthetic clinic.

Martyn’s career has spanned sales, clinic ownership, and distribution, as well as providing specialised consultancy services for individual clinics to help them develop their practices.

He has spearheaded launches for several high-profile companies and brands, such as Allergan (bringing Botox® to the UK), Wigmore Medical, Merz, Teoxane, Deka, ABC Lasers and SkinBrands, as well as the introduction and distribution of HydraFacial to the UK market until its sale to HydraFacial in 2019 and continuing to manage the UK operation until 2021.

Paul’s career has also encompassed roles, primarily in sales but also as a service engineer, within some of the UK’s largest aesthetics companies, including HydraFacial and Syneron Candela.


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