Your Voice Matters: Survey About Your Menopause Experience

By Pause

Whether you are Perimenopausal and experiencing the first flushes or symptoms, have gone through the change or are simply curious about what your body goes through during this significant time in your life, then join us.

PAUSE Live! Is the UK’s largest menopause consumer event, and it was set up with one clear mission: to empower women on their journey through menopause. That mission starts with you.

Personal experiences and perspectives are essential in helping gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by women during menopause.

That's why we are asking if you can spare a few minutes to answer this quick, anonymous survey on how menopause has impacted, or is currently, impacting key areas of your life - from your sex life, to work and relationships.

The survey aims to capture the diverse experiences and perspectives of women from all walks of life and help us as we strive to shape the future of women's health, break down the barriers many women face to getting the right help and create a supportive environment for women to thrive in menopause and beyond.

To participate click here.


There are 5 questions, and the survey will only take approximately two minutes of your time.

Thank you in advance for considering this invitation to share your experiences with us. By working together, we can empower women and create a world where menopause is better understood, supported, and celebrated.

Please share with your patients, friends, family, and womankind.

Make the change, and make a difference for future generations!

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