Webinar: What I Have Learned Since Re-Opening My Clinic

By ConsultingRoom.com

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After treating a month’s worth of patients in the last 11 days, Marea Brennan-Thorns, who is a Nurse Independent Prescriber with over 20 years’ experience of running an aesthetic business, gives me her initial insights into the impact that the pandemic has had on operating her clinics since opening her doors after lockdown.

In this 35-minute webinar, we discuss some of the challenges that Qutis Clinics have faced and changes that they have made to systems and processes following initial audits.

In addition, we explore staff responses to coming back to work, and patients’ responses to visiting the clinics.

We also discuss the role that aesthetic clinics (particularly those that are medically led) can play in delivering and reinforcing public health messages during the pandemic.


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