Webinar: Covid-19 and Safe Operation of Laser & IPL Clinics

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I wanted to get some expert opinion for Consulting Room Members and the broader aesthetic community following the release of the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) guidelines on The resumption of Laser/IPL skin services post COVID-19 lockdown, alongside renewed and raised awareness of the general hazards of smoke plume for Laser/IPL operators.

I recorded a conversation this week with Jon Exley, MD of Lynton Lasers and Mike Murphy, Laser Protection Advisor and Board member of The UK Council on Surgical Plumes – (www.ukcsp.co.uk) to discuss their thoughts on the management of risk associated with energy based aerosol generating procedures during the pandemic.

The use of smoke evacuators, FFP or equivalent respirators and the problems associated with fit testing are discussed in this 25-minute webinar, along with a transcript, available below.

This does raise issues for operators of Laser/IPL equipment, if they choose to follow BMLA guidelines, that they need to consider as soon as possible.

To download the Jon Exley & Mike Murphy Transcript, click here

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