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Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

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Dermoaroma® defines cellular re-architecture with its new Purasomes collection formulated with multi-patented AMPLEX+ technology.

Dermoaroma®, an Italian-based innovator in therapies for medical aesthetic products, has announced the anticipated UK launch of its revolutionary new product line: Purasomes.

Derived from nature, energised by cutting-edge research and inspired by the future, Purasomes has been specially formulated to advance and amplify cell regeneration to repair, restore and renew. It comprises of 3 unique formulations: Purasomes SGC 100+ Skin Glow Complex to brighten and protect skin; Purasomes NC 150+ Nutri Complex to address signs of ageing and Purasomes HSC50+ Hair & Scalp Complex to prevent hair loss and promote healthy growth.

Clinically proven and meticulously tested, utilising the perfectly balanced composition of its groundbreaking and multi-patented AMPLEX+ technology, Purasomes combines a unique blend of potent Growth Factors and enriched Exosomes derived from organic bovine colostrum to optimise cellular function in a way that is safe, powerful and natural to deliver remarkable results.

Future Driven, Nature Inspired

Over the last 9 years, scientists working in collaboration with Dermoaroma® have developed AMPLEX+, with the ambition to unveil an effective, safe, sustainable and ethically-sourced therapy that can enhance the natural healing processes within the human body. As a testament to its quality and innovation, AMPLEX+ has since demonstrated complete safety in multidisciplinary applications and obtained 14 patents in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics.

Abundant in vitamins and nutrients, colostrum is the first, biologically privileged milk, produced by the mammary glands of mammals shortly after giving birth and is key for the survival, growth and development of its offspring. Harnessing its high content of antibodies, antioxidants and over 250 biologically active compounds, bovine colostrum serves as the ideal alternative for the human equivalent.

AMPLEX+ technology isolates and concentrates Exosomes, Growth Factors and Cytokines from high-quality organic bovine colostrum using complex cross-flow filtration and purification techniques. Just 5ml of AMPLEX+ contains 20 billion Exosomes and 20 of the most powerful Growth Factors; it’s these active properties that facilitate the regeneration of injured tissues for both aesthetic and medical purposes.

By combining this advanced formulation with a seamless delivery system of microneedling treatments, Purasomes works to progress cell regeneration to the level of maximum performance in skin and hair by stimulating fibroblast function and thus increasing collagen production.

The Protocol

The application of Purasomes has been crafted as a combined therapy in conjunction with microneedling. Since the micro-injuries caused by the controlled puncturing of the skin during microneedling treatments stimulate the skin’s natural healing process, the addition of Purasomes achieves remarkable results after just one session and enables the body to initiate AMPLEX+’s smart technology.

For optimal results, it’s recommended that patients undergo 3-5 treatments every 4-6 weeks followed by maintenance aftercare with the GF20 Boost, though each treatment plan should be tailored accordingly to suit patients’ skin and each individual’s concerns. For patients undergoing treatment with Purasome HSC50+, aftercare should be followed with the DPD Revive Hair & Scalp Nano Serum.

The treatment is generally well-tolerated with minimal downtime, however, patients may experience some mild redness and sensitivity after the procedure which typically subsides within a few days.

What Makes Purasomes Different?

• 100% natural with zero artificial components.
• Completely safe, non-recombinant and non-toxic.
• Isolated and concentrated from the richest source of growth factors existing in nature.
• Non-human and non-tissue derived.
• Approved cosmetic product for use in the UK.
• Ethically sourced from a family-owned, organic certified farm in Italy.
• Harvested within 6 hours after parturition.
• Meticulous purification system.
• High-grade composition derived from high-quality Holstein breed.
• Lyophilised to preserve its integrity and make for simple logistics and storage.

Visit Dermoaroma® for more information.

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