The Best Free Training on Infection Control and COVID-19

Ron Myers
By Ron Myers

As an Aesthetic Business Coach and Mentor, Ron helps aesthetic clinics and suppliers to maximise their profits.

With less than 2 weeks to go before many of you open (if you’re following the 4th July date) – or a lot longer if like me you live in Wales where we have to wait until 13th July! – you will by now be making the final preparations for opening your business.

As you know, we have been living through a mind-boggling exercise in infection control at a State (and personal level if you are shielding or in a high-risk category) that has had a dramatic effect on the health of our business, and the potential attitudes of our staff and our clients due to the close proximity contact that is required in our service sector.

At this point in the pandemic, there is a huge diversity around peoples’ attitudes to risk, and control measures required to operate safely again….and in order for us to put appropriate and sensible measures into place in our business, I feel that there is still a real need (if not for ourselves) for our team to have an in-depth understanding of the risk assessment and control measure processes required for this pandemic.

Although the RELAUNCH centre that I have put together contains a wide variety of detailed resources, it does not necessarily give you or your team the skills to APPLY the information properly to your business…until now!

I recently completed a Professional 1-day course in infection control that merges together all of the information required by the HSE for a competent person to undergo a risk assessment process, with a level of legal understanding around the subject to ensure that you and your team have a true understanding of Covid-19 and how to control the infection to protect yourself and your customers.

Knowledge is power and this course will reduce fear and REASSURE anyone taking it that they have the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and understanding of infection control processes during this pandemic.

I have reviewed the details of the course in this brief video, alongside a comparative review of the risks associated with Covid-19 and influenza – and why this course is relevant for the control of infection from ANY respiratory virus.

For access to the free course and updates to COVID-19 relaunch centre, please visit 

One final thing – The APPG on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing is issuing a Call for Evidence in a new inquiry into non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the UK.

The APPG invites written evidence from the public, organisations, industry bodies and academics, on the below terms of reference by 26th June.

Please submit anything you feel is relevant here:

Classifieds CR

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