The Art of the Aesthetic Consultation Training Course

Craig Lowe
By Craig Lowe

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If you’ve worked in the aesthetic industry for any length of time you will appreciate that the sales conversion aspect of our business is indeed an art. It can be difficult to get right but so easy to get wrong.
Take this scenario as an example:
  • You create a killer marketing campaign. Check. 
  • The treatment enquiries start pouring in. Check.
  • Your well-trained front-of-house reception staff successfully book a preliminary consultation. Check. 
  • Which your prospective clients dutifully attend. Check. 
But they don’t book a treatment or course with you! Why?
Sound familiar? If you’ve experienced this process you're probably already wondering. Where does it all go wrong? And what can I do to fix it? Well, we believe it all comes down to the Art of Conversion
Or to put it simply the skill, or lack thereof, of converting more therapist consultations into sales. 
This is where the Consulting Room Academy’s CPD-certified training course comes in.
Therapist Training: The Art of the Consultation
This course is the latest offering from the Consulting Room Academy and follows on from our incredibly successful Receptionist Training.
It has been specifically designed to teach strategies that help aesthetic practitioners - be that aestheticians, laser therapists, skin advisers, nutritional advisers or medical practitioners - to become the best communicators that they can be in their role and to help them convert more consultations into sales.

Since working with Allergan and launching BOTOX (R) in 1994, Consulting Room has worked with 100s of clinics and salons over the years to help them develop their businesses. We understand how critically important communication abilities are to the success of a business. Therapists and aestheticians are at the forefront of a clinic’s public image, and their interactions with customers can, if done correctly, earn the business thousands of pounds of revenue by converting potential clients into life-long customers. This course aims to help them do that.

How does it work?
Human interactions can be complex psychological affairs, and the consultation process can be particularly difficult due to the sometimes sensitive nature of peoples’ problems linked to the ethical and commercial requirements of the business. The course provides a structured way to review and enhance existing communication skills to ensure that you really understand your client’s needs and can offer them the services that they need and want. As with previous Academy training, this course is fully certificated and makes either an ideal introduction for new therapists or a refresher for existing members of your therapist team. The course is broken down into modules that can be completed over several sessions to fit in with busy clinic schedules. 
It identifies the most common mistakes and roadblocks that are made, whilst building a tried and tested best practice strategy; avoiding the common pitfalls and increasing sales conversions.
The modules are: 
Module 1: Why Effective Consultation Training is Important
Module 2: Preparing for the Consultation
Module 3: Communication - Building Rapport
Module 4: Discovery - Asking the Right Questions
Module 5: Listening and Summarising
Module 6: Present and Educate
Module 7: Dealing with Objections
Module 8: Closing
Module 9: Clients Types and Their Importance
Module 10: Resources and Tools
This is an ideal course for every clinic that wants to increase its profits and best of all? It's absolutely FREE for Consulting Room Members!
Not a Member?
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your sales conversion skills and drive significant business growth. Enrol in the CPD-certified therapist training course today and unlock your full potential.
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