The 5 Essentials Steps Using NLP Ethically for Best Results
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Dr Harry Singh has been carrying out facial aesthetics since 2002 and has treated over 4,000 cases. In his last dental practice (aesthetics) he ended up doing more facial aesthetics than dentistry.

He is not only a skilful facial aesthetician but a keen marketer which he feels is vital to attract and retain patients requesting facial aesthetic services. He has published numerous articles on the clinical and non-clinical aspects of facial aesthetics and spoken at dental and facial aesthetics conferences on these topics.

In this interactive and high paced lecture, Dr Harry Singh will outline his 5 step process for every consultation he undertakes. With his many years of experience in NLP, he will show you how we can influence the patients buying process in a way that delivers the best results for them and your clinic. The 5 steps will include, how to build rapport, eliciting the patient's values, how to pair the benefits you offer with the patient's values, dealing with objections and the close.

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