Should You Temperature Check Staff/Clients
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We posted a survey to our Consulting Room Members and the broader aesthetic community regarding temperature checking staff/clients.

The results are interesting and reflect the sense of deep confusion that many of us have concerning the lack of clear guidance and conflicting opinions on all aspects of risk management associated with this current pandemic.

If you’re interested in seeing the results and some detailed opinions supporting cases for and against temperature checking, please visit the INFECTION CONTROL section of  and view the 13-minute video below.

We have also included the latest Government advice document: “Keeping Workers and Clients Safe During COVID-19 in close contact services”, which was published 23/06/2020 (in the GOVERNMENT AND ORGANISATION section of that provides information more pertinent to our sector.

Go to to download this document as it provides guidance to support the risk assessment and control measure process that you will need to have in place when you open.

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