Managing Long COVID in Your Workplace

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By The Citation Group

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Managing sickness and absences can be difficult at the best of times, but COVID-19 has brought even more challenges for business owners. A big takeaway of the pandemic has been the effects of long COVID, with reports of 1 million people experiencing a wide range of illnesses and new struggles to their daily lives – many resulting in issues at work.
Are you confident you have all the right policy measures in place to help your team suffering from long COVID?
The experts of our partner, Citation, have created this free guide summarising how to best manage sickness and absences correctly – from the processes you should follow and fit notes, to managing long-term absences and pay.
How can Citation help?
Our teams of Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law experts have helped thousands of clients get on top of their regulatory responsibilities and duties.
If you’d like the backing of our expert team, call 0345 844 1111, and we’ll be happy to discuss your business needs. Or get in touch with us online by visiting
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