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Established in 2012 as a scientifically-based medical aesthetics company, Neauvia provides a disruptive approach and products to the medical aesthetics market.

In the world of medical aesthetics, one trend that has increasingly taken centre stage is that of combination treatments.

Practitioners are no longer relying on a single procedure or product to address aesthetic concerns. Today, patients are seeking the power of synergy by combining different treatments to achieve remarkable results. By harnessing the unique advantages of multiple procedures, practitioners can customise treatment plans to target individual needs and deliver comprehensive outcomes. This approach not only addresses multiple concerns simultaneously but also minimises downtime and optimises cost-effectiveness.

It's this approach that means that the timing is perfect for Neauvia to launch into its holistic Smart Combination Therapy (SCT) approach.


An evolution in the medical aesthetics market.

Neauvia aims to inspire​ and shape the world​ of aesthetic medicine​ with disruptive energy, ​opening up new lifestyles​ and creating a community​ that embraces our new conception of aesthetics.​

Age-related anatomical changes are most effectively managed through the combination of science and technology.​ To turn the holistic approach vision into reality, Neauvia's research developed what we call ‘Smart Combination Therapy (SCT)’ . Based on the comprehensive Neauvia in-house portfolio of products (fillers, devices and skincare), and through carefully researched protocols, we combine different restorative therapies and provide clinically proven superior results.​


What does this approach offer?

To achieve this synergistic vision of treatments we provide a professional products suite including Dermal fillers with​ unique cross-link technology, advanced energy-based devices​ and cosmeceuticals​. These combination treatments allow practitioners to achieve optimal treatment outcomes ​and reach unsurpassed patient satisfaction.


What are the latest SCT Protocols?

Neauvia provides healthcare practitioners and patients clinically proven combined solutions with a comprehensive range of high-end technologies working in synergy. We deliver safe and more effective results for facial, body and intimate rejuvenation.

  • The NLift protocol is a mid-face,​ STC synergistic protocol​ with amplified results, consisting in a synergistic sequence of NEAUVIA treatments: Filler injections, Energy-based Device treatment and Cosmeceuticals. ​
  • The NBoost protocol is a new synergistic protocol which targets the epidermis​ to restore the skin and prevent the signs of ageing.
  • The NRose protocol is more than an aesthetic​ issue and beyond physical. Intimate Rejuvenation benefits emotional aspects, being directly connected​ to issues of self-esteem​ and security. ​

Rethinking medical aesthetics as premium experiences, by fully integrating this approach into a modern and healthy lifestyle, Neauvia empowers all beauty lovers.


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