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With over 25 years' experience, we are the industry's leading provider of cosmetic insurance services to the cosmetic industry.

Guest blog from Hamilton Fraser 

In this guest blog for Consulting Room, Hamilton Fraser explains the importance of having a comprehensive insurance policy and the different types of claims a practitioner may receive.

The difference between a defence union and insurance

There is a distinct difference between an insurance policy and membership of a defence union, a defence union membership is usually an extension to existing medical cover and they are there to offer general medical advice.

At Hamilton Fraser we recommend practitioners to have both medical malpractice insurance a membership with a defence union.

Importance of having the right insurance

Although it is not currently a legal requirement to arrange insurance before carrying out aesthetic treatments, at Hamilton Fraser we believe it is essential to protect both yourself and your patients.

With medical malpractice claims becoming increasingly costly, medical malpractice insurance is essential for any aesthetic practitioner. Medical malpractice insurance is designed to protect you, the practitioner, against allegations of malpractice and negligence whilst administering aesthetic treatments.

Over the past five years, laser and dermal filler claims alone have accounted for almost half (46 per cent) of all claims received by Hamilton Fraser. The average payout (if each claim was paid) came in at £2,481 for dermal filler claims, and £4,307 per claim for laser claims.

Hamilton Fraser offers cover for both essential and more specialised cosmetic practices, they also offer a bespoke insurance policy to suit your needs. Their policies offer a standard limit of indemnity of £5 million, which also comes with a zero excess for many of the treatments they insure.

In addition, Hamilton Fraser provides clinic, salon and surgery, cyber liability and directors’ and officers’ insurance to support the individual needs of your business. Their team of expert advisers have an excellent understanding of aesthetic insurance and is on hand to offer practical guidance.

You can easily compare their treatment groups for each profession to find the right cover for you, get a quote online with Hamilton Fraser today.

What is a formal claim?

A claim is an application for compensation under the terms of an insurance policy where an allegation of negligence has been made against the medical professional.

Usually, formal claims are received in the form of a solicitor’s letter, which signifies legal intervention and it is generally accompanied by a request for compensation on the patient’s behalf.

How to handle a formal claim

In the event that a practitioner receives a formal complaint, it must be reported to their insurer immediately.

At Hamilton Fraser, we advise our practitioners not to contact their patients before speaking with their insurer if a claim has been made.

The practitioner will then be required to provide the following documentation:

  • A solicitor’s letter or compensation request
  • Consultation and consenting documentation
  • Any photographs taken before and after the treatment
  • Any leaflets or electronic documents that were shared with the patient pre or post-treatment
  • Training certificates
  • Any correspondence between them and the patient
  • A summary of the consultation and treatment carried out, along with expectations and results

‍With over 26 years of experience, Hamilton Fraser is the industry's leading provider of cosmetic insurance services and was the first to offer medical malpractice insurance. As a leader in the market, we’ve got you covered and are proud to insure the most comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments. Get a quote online today or call the team on 0800 63 43 881.  

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