Guide: 5 Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Marketing

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Google AdWords can be a powerful and robust way to reach new clients, boost conversion and increase your return on investment (ROI). People searching for specific aesthetic treatments, solutions or symptoms will view your clinic's ads at exactly the right time. But making the most of Google AdWords' potential can be tricky.

Published: May 2017

Adam Hampson
Creative Director & Founder of Cosmetic Digital
Cosmetic Digital specialises in branding and website design for cosmetic, laser, skin and medical clinics. Adam started H&P Design in 2005 and has become one of the most experienced web designers in the medical cosmetic industry today. Adam and his team help clients across the UK and overseas; from starting up their own new clinic, to growing an established one, through their knowledge and expertise in web design, Google optimisation, marketing and creative branding. In 2016 H&P Design rebranded as Cosmetic Digital, a design and marketing agency providing expertise to businesses,

To download the 5 Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Marketing, click here.

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