Do You Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From?

Craig Lowe
By Craig Lowe

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If your answer starts with an “Ummm…”, then the real answer is probably “no”, but you do at least realise that you should. For this reason, we have put together this quick page of top tips, and things to think about, to help you to track where your new client referrals are coming from, including the ones generated by Consulting Room.
If you answer a telephone call for an enquiry or an appointment booking, do you or your staff ask the question…“Would you mind telling me where you heard about my clinic?”
If not, then please start. Write down the answers so you can track more effectively where your telephone leads are coming from. This also applies to members of the public who just pop in to your clinic in person to enquire or make a booking.
Did You Know? Telephone leads from Consulting Room are also tracked through a ‘reveal’ code, so that when a potential new client wants to know your telephone number and clicks the button to reveal it, this call to action is recorded and statistics are available for you to analyse in the Members Area.
As a Consulting Room Member, your reception staff have free access to a 3-hour professional, comprehensive, and certified online Call Handling and CRM Training Course..
How quickly do you respond to your email enquiries?
If you rely on an auto-responder to thank people for emails so that you can reply at your leisure, that is a perfectly valid solution. Just don’t forget to deal with other enquiries in a timely manner, including those not generated directly from the potential client, such as those coming via Consulting Room. Potential customers may go elsewhere when they don’t hear from you after a day or so.
Did You Know? Email referrals generated from Consulting Room come from so please make sure this email address is in your white list so you don’t lose new business to your spam box.  
You can also see and track both the number and the content of the referral emails via the Members Area.
Do you use Google™ Analytics, or other web traffic tracking software, to see which websites and keyword searches are sending visitors to your website? 
Do you have a web management or SEO team that can provide you with reports on traffic data for your site?
If the answer is no, then please learn more about how you can monitor this traffic, for free, with Google Analytics ( It’s quick and simple for your web designer to implement the tracking code for you, then you can easily analyse your traffic flow, including visitors coming to your site via Consulting Room.
Does your online contact form ask how visitors came to your website? 
If not, then add it in, either as a drop-down list or as a text box. That way you can see who comes via word of mouth, who found you via a search engine, a local magazine, a social media post or a directory search result such as Consulting Room. It’s another great way to track where people are hearing about you.
Did You Know? Clicks to visit your website or blog site sent directly from the links on your Consulting Room profile are tracked and can be viewed and analysed in the Members Area.
Social Media
Are you engaging with your social media followers to get them into your business?
It’s great to build up a social following, but you need to talk to them, and then give them the next call to action to come into your clinic. Whether you choose to offer social media-only incentives or special offers is up to you, but don’t forget to track it; perhaps with a promo code or social sharing proof. 
Did You Know? Clicks to visit your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest which come directly from the links on your Consulting Room profile are also tracked and can be seen on monthly and annual graphs in the Members Area
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