Do You Have Questions Regarding Furloughing Staff?

The Citation Group
By The Citation Group

Citation empowers over 50,000 growing businesses to be ready for anything by turning the complicated parts of running a business into clarity.

In this podcast they provide guidance around the following questions (that are accurate as of 27/03/20):

  • Can you rotate employees on furlough?
  • Can I take annual leave during furlough?
  • What if we have employees starting after 28 February that are currently employed?
  • 2 new employees are due to start soon (but after 27 March 2020) and the work they were going to be doing is no longer available to them, what can we do?
  • What does the £2,500 maximum payment cover? What do we need to pay?
  • If someone is on sick leave then is it sick pay or furlough pay?
  • Can directors be placed on furloughed?
  • Can an employer carry out redundancy whilst furloughed?
  • How would furlough leave apply to agency workers and fixed term?
  • How do you work out how to pay employees whose hours vary?
  • Can an employee on maternity leave come back early and get furloughed?
  • Can an employee do work on furlough?

The podcast can be downloaded HERE (.wav file).

A supporting document summarising answers to these questions can be downloaded below.

For bespoke advice on any situations that clinic owners are unclear about, please contact XACT or your own trusted HR advisor.

To download the Xact Group Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Doc, click here


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