Cutera Announces UK and Ireland KOL's

Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

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Cutera have announced two new brand KOLs for the UK and Ireland launch of AviClear, which is the first and only FDA-cleared energy-based device for the treatment of mild, moderate, and severe acne.

Cutera has appointed Dr Tapan Patel (Aesthetic Doctor, PHI Clinic) and Dr Anjali Mahto (Cosmetic Consultant, Dermatologist, Self London) to lead the launch of this innovative treatment across the UK and Ireland.

Dr Tapan and Dr Anjali will be co-presenting a symposium on AviClear at the forthcoming ACE conference (ACE – 15th – 16th March), as part of the official UK and Ireland launch of the device.

“We are delighted to be working with Dr Tapan and Dr Anjali to support the UK and Ireland rollout of AviClear,” says Sam Keene, Regional Leader, UK & Ireland at Cutera. “As established leaders in their respective fields of aesthetics and dermatology, we are confident that their expertise and educational leadership will be pivotal in bringing this game-changing treatment to the UK and Irish market.”

Having practiced aesthetic medicine for over 20 years and teaching other medical professionals on the international stage, Dr Tapan continues to remain at the forefront of his field by introducing the latest techniques and technologies to his clinic. Dr Tapan Patel notes:

"I have patients of all ages, skin tones, and types suffering with acne. I am thrilled to be the first UK provider of AviClear, which significantly reduces the appearance and occurrence of breakouts after only three 30-minute sessions, with no downtime."

Dr Anjali Mahto is a highly respected and renowned medical and cosmetic consultant dermatologist, founding her clinic, Self London on London’s Harley Street. Having suffered from acne from an early age, she has a unique understanding of the patient journey. Dr Anjali says:

"AviClear is one of the most exciting developments in the world of acne in decades. I am excited to be able to offer this option to patients in clinic and look forward to giving my insights at ACE."


Dr Tapan and Dr Anjali will be co-hosting a symposium at ACE to reveal AviClear as the latest advancement in the treatment of acne, including the clinical data and an overview of their own patient experiences with the device. Joining Dr Tapan and Dr Anjali on the AviClear faculty are Dr David Eccleston (Clinical Director of MediZen), Mr Kambiz Golchin (ENT Consultant, Facial Plastic Surgeon & Clinical Professor, Dr Rita Rakus Clinic), and Dr John Quinn (Cosmetic Doctor, Founder & Clinical Director of Quinn Clinics). They too are among the first UK and Ireland clinics to offer the AviClear system as part of the initial commercial rollout.


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