CQC Re-Registration Period Coming to an End!

Dr Philip Dobson
By Dr Philip Dobson

Dr Dobson is Medical Director of LCS Healthcare and holds board certification under RPA 2000 as a Laser Radiation Protection Adviser.

If you are registered with the CQC under the Care Standards Act 2000 as an independent healthcare provider you should, by now have received the notification of your "window" to re-register under the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

The final date for submission of re-registration applications for the last group is the 27th of August. Anyone who has not returned the transitional application form by that date will not be transferred on the 1st October and will probably have to go through a full new registration at considerable time, effort and expense.

If you are currently registered and have not received your transfer application window by now you should call the CQC and request the application immediately.

Those who are new to scope for regulations under the HSCA 2008 have until the 1st of August to submit an application, after this date the CQC will not guarantee that providers can continue to operate if they are not registered by the 1st October - Hurry!


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