Coronavirus - Important Info For The Job Retention Grant

Burgis & Bullock
By Burgis & Bullock

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Whilst we still await further detailed guidance on the how claims will be made through the portal being created by HMRC we have been advised that at this stage agents such as ourselves or Payroll Bureaus who process payrolls on your behalf will not be able to file the claim through the portal using their current agency arrangements. We have been advised that they are working on a facility to enable agents to do this but do not have a date when this will be available.

We can review or help you prepare the necessary supporting schedules that will be required to support your claim. HMRC has advised they reserve the right to audit this supporting information and it must be retained for at least 5 years.

HMRC’s latest guidance issued over the weekend states that in order to access the new portal you must have registered for PAYE online. It is important that you check whether you already have this or take action NOW to obtain registration as it can take 10 days to get registered. You will not be able to apply and receive your grant until you have this registration. 

Download B&B Coronavirus Avoid Delays in Claiming JRS payments here 

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