Bogus Nurses - Some Injectable Providers Not NMC Registered

Emma Davies
By Emma Davies

A Registered General Nurse with over 30 years nursing experience. Emma has specialised in Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Medicine since 1998.

It recently came to the attention of The BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) that there are practitioners who have busy and successful clinics who claim to be nurses but are not, and never have been, registered with the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council).

It concerns us that they have been trained and receive supplies and their qualifications have not been checked or challenged.

It is quite legal for anyone to administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments but it is illegal to claim to be a nurse, doctor or dentist when one is

The BACN checks the pin numbers of all members and it is presumed, so too do the BACD (for Doctors). 

Whilst membership does not imply competency, it can at least guarantee the practitioner is registered and accountable to a statutory body.

Hopefully, this is not a widespread problem and going forward, all those in the industry will be more vigilant and act accordingly when concerns are raised.

Thanks to the author of this blog Emma Davies who is a Registered Nurse specialising in cosmetic medicine since 1998.

Aside from a busy clinical practice in Somerset, Emma has actively participated on a number of committees and boards contributing to standards and education in this specialist field.

She has contributed to a number of seminal documents including The BACN Standards of Competency for Nurses in Aesthetic Medicine, accredited by The RCN and referenced internationally. 

Thanks to the author

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