An Introduction to Risk Assessments

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By The Citation Group

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A legal necessity, risk assessments make your workplace much safer and more efficient for everyone in your business.
Not only will they protect you and your employees from potential harm, but they will also protect your business from the law too.
We are often asked for advice on how to complete risk assessments, so we’ve put together this handy free guide addressing all your questions.
Just enter your details in the form here to get your copy and get started. To find out more about our Health & Safety services, get in touch today.
How can Citation help?
Our teams of Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law experts have helped thousands of clients get on top of their regulatory responsibilities and duties.
If you’d like the backing of our expert team, call 0345 844 1111, and we’ll be happy to discuss your business needs. Or get in touch with us online by visiting
As a partner, we offer Consulting Room Members preferential rates on our services. 
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