Aesthetic Chatbots – Enquiries Using Response Robot
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For some of you, opportunities to work on improving weaknesses in your business (this is a never-ending task for any business owner who wants to grow), schedule live webinars on your social feed and talk to as many potential customers as you can to sell skincare and future in clinic/salon treatments are few and far in-between.

So, if your time is limited, the webinar that I’ve recently recorded could be a very easy way for you to get many more enquiries from your existing marketing efforts linked to your website.

In this 18-minute webinar, I discuss “Chatbots” with Jay Shah, Founder and Director of Elite Aesthetics, and Martin MacKenzie who is a lecturer and presenter on client care strategies and Client Services Director at the Xavier G Clinic.

Martin comments that utilising the “Response Robot” chatbot it is the best marketing investment decision that he has made in 15 years in relation to the Xavier G Clinic with over 800 trackable new enquiries in one year.

So, if you don’t know what chatbots are, or whether they could help your business, please watch the 18-minute video.

In addition, for Members, I’ve organised a 30-day free trial of the Response Robot chatbot – no work on your behalf and no financial commitment required to see if you can double the number of enquiries from your website.

If you experience anything close to Martin’s results it will be the easiest and most profitable lockdown decision that you will have made.


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