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The Human-Like Intelligent Chatbot

ConsultingBot from is an intelligent AI chatbot that engages in conversations with visitors to your website to increase sales enquiries and answer queries.

Generate more leads with ConsultingBot

  • Collect Data 24x7

With ConsultingBot, you never have to worry about who will answer customer enquiries when you're staff are off the clock or on their breaks. Our bot is always available, ready to engage with your customers day and night, every single day of the year.

  • Higher Conversions

By proactively engaging with visitors, our chatbot increases the likelihood of customers providing their information. In addition, it offers valuable insights on conversion rates accompanied by comprehensive customer data.

  • Happy Customers

ConsultingBot is perfectly equipped to handle customers of all volumes. Regardless of your number of customers, our chatbot ensures exceptional care and delivers a consistent experience to every visitor each time they engage with your website.

Fully Customisable

ConsultingBot's ability to adapt to your brand's colour schemes, logo, staff imagery and brand voice creates a sense of familiarity and comfort for customers.

This personalisation lowers barriers to engagement and encourages visitors to interact more freely with the chatbot, improving their overall experience and leading to more leads and higher conversion rates.



We work with you on the design and flow of your bespoke chatbot, we know no two are alike and yours will be personalised to work for you and your customers.

Train and Test

Our team will take care of training the Bot to answer queries accurately based on your clinic information, this can be directly from your website. After extensive testing to ensure the responses and flow are working to your standards, we will set it live.

Set Live

Once you are happy with the style and accuracy of the answers provided by the Bot, we will provide you with a simple bit of JavaScript to add to your website.

ChatBot Flow

What happens when a customer interacts with your Bot?

  1. Lead The Customer - You can allow the customer to ask unprompted questions or prompt them by offering them a selection of FAQs.
  2. Multiple Routes - The AI Bot is trained to lead customers down certain routes and offer the most relevant answers to their questions.
  3. Captures Details - With multiple ways of capturing customer data, you can collect the details you need for your team to reach out and secure the booking.
  4. Auto Responders - The Bot can automatically send an email to the customer with your branding, details, an overview of their conversation and a thank you message.
  5. Store Contact Details - All the details including the full ChatBot conversation will be stored and emailed to your team for follow-up.

No License Required. No Long-Term Contract. No Risk For Your Clinic!

We are so confident that ConsultingBot will work for your clinic that we won't tie you into a minimum contract length. If you're not happy just let us know. Members - £30 + VAT per month (50% off)

Only our valued Members get this highly discounted rate.

If you are not a Member of but would like to access a whole host of free and discounted clinic-building features such as this register here. Membership starts from £20 including VAT a month and includes all of these benefits, so we aren't afraid to say we think this option is a no-brainer!


Standalone - £60 + VAT per month

Get this game-changing AI Bot live and see the effect it has on your conversion rates now.

There is no minimum contract period or no long-term tie-ins so really, what have you got to lose?


Bespoke - Quotation on request

Do you love the idea of our ChatBot but need something slightly different?

Whatever your requirements, we can help.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your options and come up with a bespoke plan to fit your needs.



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