Business Strategy and Planning

Hamilton Fraser 2023

We will help you create the roadmap to achieving your vision and attaining your business objectives.

You know where you want to take your organisation and have set out your financial goals, but what does the journey look like in detail? Which is the most effective approach to take, and how do you ensure you get there on time?

Whether you are looking to penetrate an existing market, enter a new market, launch a new product or service, or grow through diversification, we can support and guide you through assessing, analysing, and reviewing your options and approaches.

We will work with you to assess your internal capability and risk appetite, providing you with a range of tools and techniques to facilitate management team decision-making.

Once you have an agreed business plan, we can help you move forward. We will assist you in clearly setting out and articulating the steps towards growth, bringing your people with you and setting the detailed plans in motion to achieve your vision with certainty.


What we do:

  • We look at your overall strategy and business model, what market(s) you are targeting, and what new ones represent the best opportunities for your business. This will include assessing resources, capabilities and cultural factors.
  • We will explore how your business is performing against the competition and the effectiveness of your current market positioning and make recommendations for how you could increase sales opportunities.
  • We will carry out a review of your operations and key business processes to identify ways to ensure your operation delivers customer satisfaction and works efficiently and effectively to deliver products and services that meet customer requirements in a sustainable, future-proofed way.

With our no-nonsense, collaborative approach to consultancy, we can help you put in place business strategies and plans to achieve your business vision, drive performance and contribute positively to your bottom line.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Talk to a human and arrange your free business assessment today.

What our clients say…

“The campaigns developed by Sourced Associates have been amazing! The creative team all worked together on this. We not only have great design, but we also have clear marketing messages. We have increased our reach and turned leads into sales, and the advertising pretty much runs itself now. We also use their virtual PA service, and I have to say we have been blown away with professional service.”

Marcus Kasparian, Inspire Design and Build


Invest in Your Business’s Future With Strategic Planning Expertise