The Wright Initiative


Norman, with his highly experienced and professional team  offer a range of bespoke therapeutic support , strategies, packages and approaches tailored to your busy lifestyle:

The Wright Initiative embraces an attitude towards the individual, family, team, organisation or company that affirms their inherent differences, diversity and uniqueness. TWI champions an approach that unifies, responds appropriately and effectively to the individual at the emotional, relational, psychological, behavioural, and physiological levels of functioning, as well as addressing the spiritual dimension of life.

Bespoke ERP Support Initiative – Designed around YOU

TWI offers bespoke brief and focal sessions that look at your current and recent events, transitions, changes, concerns and issues as well as longer term sessions to explore more chronic, deep rooted and recurring ERP issues and concerns.

The Wright Initiative’s core model is a bespoke Emotional, Relational & Psychological (ERP) approach, which considers the person as an integrated whole that is connected to and co-exists with themselves, significant people in their lives and the environments they occupy.

Preparing for When You Reopen Your Clinic


Preparing for When You Reopen Your Clinic

How the last two months will have affected all of us - and what to consider prior to re-engaging with your staff and clients before you restart your business.

Menopause in Aesthetics