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Why you should advertise with Consulting Room

Are you involved in the UK aesthetic industry as a direct manufacturer, a UK distributor, a third party wholesaler or a service provider? If the answer is yes then Consulting Room can help you to reach your clients, aesthetic industry clinics and practitioners with both free and low cost advertising and marketing solutions.

We provide many free options, including entry into our Online Supplier Directory and easy reference, printable Supplier Guide, available to all Consulting Room Members.

But that's not all, we offer many low cost advertising options, which provide great, and more importantly measurable ROI without breaking the budget. Examples include training course promotion, e-blast campaigns, website banner adverts, full page adverts and advertorials in our monthly magazines, along with banner adverts in our monthly and weekly emails out to our membership. Additionally we have opportunities for involvement in seminar and exhibition events, along with corporate sponsorship opportunities.

For further information on what we can provide, please download our Marketing Opportunities Guide.

To learn more about all the available options, to register as a supplier with us or if you have any other questions, simply call 01788 577 254 or email:

If you are an existing registered supplier and you wish to update your details, please also get in touch for assistance, whilst your dedicated Supplier Area is undergoing a facelift and redesign. Please bear with us whilst this happens.