Hydrafacial for Uneven Skin Tone

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Having redness here, brown spots there, a bit of oiliness, as well as dryness, can be frustrating. It can be difficult to know how to tackle all of these concerns in one go.

But that’s where Hydrafacial comes in - It is so much more than a regular facial!

The award-winning hydra-dermabrasion device uses patented vortex technology and painless extraction to deeply cleanse your skin and treat dehydration, reduce hyperpigmentation, smooth out uneven skin tone, revive dull skin, treat clogged pores, improve skin hydration, remove dead skin cells, treat fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark spots, improve the general signs of ageing, treat mild acne, reduce acne scars, treat congested skin, reduce the appearance of sun damage through excessive sun exposure, reduce redness fine lines, improve skin texture, reduce oiliness, hydrate dry skin, reduce enlarged pores and improve your overall skin health.

Just one non-invasive Hydrafacial facial treatment can give you glowing skin by reducing the visible signs of ageing.

Hydrafacial treatment is a quick and pain-free and non-invasive procedure so it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, oily skin and acne-prone skin.

Uneven Tone

How Does Hydrafacial Treat Uneven Skin Tone?

In a six-step skin rejuvenation process, Hydrafacial facial treatment will remove dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production and leave you with younger-looking skin:

  • Detox: Uses lymphatic drainage to improve circulation and eliminate toxins
  • Deep Cleanse: Gentle exfoliation uncovers a new layer of skin
  • Extract and Hydrate: Painless suction removes debris from pores and the skin's surface whilst skin is nourished with intense moisturisers
  • Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Peel: Vacuum suction and vortex technology push the acid peel into the deeper layers of the skin. Glycolic Acid brightens and sloughs off dead skin cells, whilst Salicylic Acid unclogs congested pores
  • Fuse and Protect: Skin is saturated with antioxidant tich serums and peptides to maximise glow
  • Rejuvenate: Red and infrared LED light is used to reduce redness and stimulate collagen

This combination allows Hydrafacial to balance redness and hyperpigmentation while correcting irregularities for an even and refreshed skin tone.

How effective is Hydrafacial?

How effective Is Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is particularly effective at treating an uneven skin tone. It’s great if you’re just starting to see complexion issues and aren’t quite ready for more advanced or invasive treatments such as chemical peels.

The patented Vortex delivery system used allows for deeper exfoliation in less time, making it a really efficient treatment option to leave you with more youthful-looking skin and a smoother complexion!

If more severe unevenness in your skin concern, your practitioner may recommend a chemical peel or laser treatment. This could be in combination with ongoing Hydrafacial treatments and following a strict skincare regime is always recommended.

How often should I have HydraFacials for my Uneven Skin Tone?

You’re likely to see a difference in your skin tone and notice you have a healthy glow after just three to six Hydrafacial treatments.

While this is a highly effective procedure, a course of facial treatments is always recommended for optimum results.

Generally, practitioners will recommend six to eight HydraFacials spared a couple of weeks to a month apart, but this will really depend on the severity of your uneven skin tone and other skin concerns. Monthly maintenance treatments after this will ensure you have ongoing evenness.

Ask for a personalised plan when you attend your first Hydrafacial appointment!

To maximise results, you should cleanse, moisturise and use sunscreen daily, exfoliate once a week, stay hydrated, eat healthily and avoid smoking.

How often should I have HydraFacials for my Uneven Skin Tone?

How Much Will a Hydrafacial Cost?

Usually £95-£220, depending on your location and the experience of your practitioner. Some clinics will offer a free consultation where you can discuss any skin conditions and all the Hydrafacial benefits for your chosen treatment area.

Multiple HydraFacials and add-ons will of course cost extra, but they can work out cheaper if booked in bulk!

Keep an eye out for special discounts or deals – these generally pop up regularly.

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As always, if you have any questions you can use our Hydrafacial Q&A where you can ask for more advice direct from a verified, trusted and experienced HydraFacialist.
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