Hydrafacial for Ageing Skin

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The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are visible signs of the ageing process, but that doesn’t mean we have to like them! Hormonal changes associated with menopause and getting older also mean skin tone, skin elasticity and texture can change, leaving us with dry patches, uneven pigment, redness and acne breakouts. 

If you’re not ready to venture into more invasive aesthetic procedures, a Hydrafacial is a great treatment to start with to gently cleanse away dead skin cells, revive dull skin and get your skin glowing again. It is a quick and pain-free, non-invasive skin treatment for all skin types.

How Does Hydrafacial Treat Ageing Skin?

The Hydrafacial process is a gentle one, which can treat a range of specific skin concerns, and is especially effective at treating ageing skin: 

  • Detoxes: Uses lymphatic drainage to improve circulation and eliminate toxins
  • Cleanses: Gentle exfoliation uncovers a new layer of skin
  • Extracts and Hydrates: Painless suction removes debris from pores and skin is nourished with intense moisturisers
  • Fuses and Protects: Skin is saturated with antioxidants and peptides to maximise glow
  • Rejuvenates: Red and infrared LED light is used to reduce redness and stimulate collagen 

Your practitioner will also select specific Solutions to ensure the treatment is unique to your requirements.

The most common Hydrafacial is the 6-step process but for anti-ageing skins, the 7-step treatment with a booster is usually recommended, this would be either Hydrafacial dermabuilder, Murad retinol booster, Circadia chrono peptide booster or Dr Nassif Hydraglucam booster. Some clinics will call this a signature treatment but names will vary from clinic to clinic. 

How Effective Is Hydrafacial for Ageing Skin?

Hydrafacial is a fantastic introduction to managing aged skin.

While treatment is not going to eradicate lines and wrinkles, multiple sessions will reduce their appearance and leave you with refreshed and healthy skin. 

The patented vortex delivery system used also allows for deeper exfoliation in less time, making it a really efficient treatment option to leave you with radiant skin

You can have Hydrafacial alongside other, more invasive, treatments to really boost your outcome and address any specific skin conditions you may have. 

How effective is Hydrafacial for Ageing Skin? 
How often should I have HydraFacials for my Ageing Skin? 

How Often Should I Have HydraFacials for My Ageing Skin?

After just one Hydrafacial aged skin can look refreshed and rejuvenated. To really enhance results and get long-lasting hydrated skin though, a course of six to eight treatments is usually recommended.

These will generally be spaced two to four weeks apart, and less frequent maintenance HydraFacials will follow.

In between HydraFacials, you should really get to grips with good skincare. This should involve daily sunscreen, cleansing and moisturising use, as well as weekly exfoliators. 

A healthy diet and good hydration can make a world of difference to aged skin, as can giving up smoking! 

Speak to your practitioner about the best products to get you started and the best treatment course for your skin type. 

How Much Will a Hydrafacial for Ageing Skin Cost?

Usually £95-£220, depending on your location and the experience of your practitioner. Courses of Hydrafacial will generally work out cheaper, speak to your practitioner who will be able to come up with a skin health treatment plan for you.

Book a Hydrafacial Treatment For Ageing Skin

As always, if you have any questions you can use our Hydrafacial Q&A where you can ask for more advice direct from a verified, trusted and experienced HydraFacialist.
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