Reduce labia size

If either the inner or outer labia (lips) of the vagina are enlarged they are said to be hypertrophic. Irregular or larger labia is usually something you are born with but can get worse with childbirth and vaginal deliveries or the menopause due to hormonal changes. Sometimes if the hypertrophy affects the inner lips or labia minora then they can stick out beyond the outer lips or labia majora. As well as being cosmetically dissatisfying to some women, this can also cause discomfort if the labia minora rub or chafe against clothing or cause pain when cycling or riding a horse. Hypertrophic labia can also cause problems and discomfort with sexual intercourse and increase the likelihood of experiencing yeast infections such as thrush.

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Non-Surgical Vulvo-Vaginal Rejuvenation

The availability of non-surgical options for vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation to target both cosmetic and practical concerns such as labial remodelling of the outer vaginal lips, vaginal tightening for great sexual satisfaction, a reduction in vaginal dryness to ease discomfort and pain from sexual intercourse, or as a cure for stress urinary incontinence have expanded rapidly.

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Vaginal Surgery

Vaginal surgery, such as labiaplasty (labia reduction) and vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening), is one of the least talked about areas of cosmetic surgery that is available for the female genitalia.

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BTL Protégé Intima

BTL Protege Intima for labial-remodelling and vaginal contouring. Learn about the procedure, uses, side effects and costs.

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FemiLift Fractional CO2 Laser for vaginal tightening. Learn about the procedure, costs, side effects and uses.

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MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch is a Fractional CO2 Laser for the treatment of Vaginal Atrophy in pre- and post-menopausal women.

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Viveve Radiofrequency treatment for vaginal tightening. Learn about the procedure, side effects, uses and costs.