Can Microlipo Give You a Summer Body All Year Round?

Dr Puneet Gupta
By Dr Puneet Gupta

Dr Puneet Gupta is a qualified GP with special interest in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine, with expertise in non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Summer should be a time to wear flattering clothes and feel good about yourself but for some people, it’s a nightmare.

For those feeling insecure about their bodies the pressure to wear less, or have tighter or even just cooler clothing can cause undue stress.

People are coming to me saying they’re eating healthy foods and exercising every chance they get but have stubborn areas that just won’t budge.

Now the weather is changing, but some of you still have many trips and events planned before the end of the year and speaking to patients has inspired me to write about how what I do directly addresses these problem areas in time for these occasions.

What is MicroLipo?
MicroLipo is still pretty new to the UK and I am one of the only doctors performing it.

I trained with Dr Jeffery Klein who pioneered the procedure and I then adapted it specifically for fat removal in key areas like the abdomen and breasts.

Think of all the common areas people complain about: stomach, torso, chest, arms, thighs, love handles etc that’s what MicroLipo is for!

What is MicroLipo?

How does it work?
MicroLipo is for me preferable to the more traditional liposuctions as the name suggests it’s micro, there’s so much less downtime and you can get on with your daily routines again very quickly.

A couple of days and you can be back to work and after about a week you can start working out again, but I do advise my patients to avoid the high-intensity workouts.

The procedure name comes from the tiny cannulas that are used to remove the fat. Because they are so small it does take a bit longer than traditional liposuction but the markings are minimal leaving little to no sign that you’ve undergone any such treatment.

Without getting too technical, the areas are injected with a solution containing a diluted dose of local anaesthetic causing the area to swell and firm. The swelling helps the fat cells to separate.

I then remove the fat with the micro-cannulas. That might sound like a contradiction as swelling sounds like it’s getting bigger, however, once the fat has been taken out that will go down and then once you’ve healed you will have your desired final result. You’ll be looking at about a month for your final result to be fully visible.

why does Microlipo work?

Why does it work?
Because the cannulas are so small there is less chance of any physical depression or ‘lumpy’ appearance to the skin which can occur in older forms of liposuction.

You are left with smooth and less detectable results.

With experience and care the entry points can be carefully selected so as to be barely noticeable to the naked eye.

There are no large scars so you’re free to wear what you want all year round!

MicroLipo can also be used to improve Lipoedema and Lymphoedema; it is not a cure but is an effective symptom management tool.

This is a blessing and a relief for so many people.

It is quick and convenient but I want to reiterate that it is still a surgical procedure and you must consider carefully whether it’s something you want to undertake.

Eliminating those problem areas is also a great way to ensure you stick to your goals as you will see the results and be inspired to keep them.

A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet will help you keep these results.

Why settle for the body you deserve for one season only?

If you want to read more, the experts at Consulting Room really know what they're talking about and have put together some MicroLipo, Tummy tuck, Breast augmentation, Fat, Liposuction FAQs just for you. 

If you have more questions, you can use the MicroLipo, Tummy tuck, Breast augmentation, Fat, Liposuction questions feature to talk to our panel of trained medical experts. 

If you're keen to get started with any of these treatments right away then you're in luck - those clever folks also have a list of trusted, accredited MicroLipo, Tummy tuck, Breast augmentation, Fat, Liposuction clinics in your area.

Many thanks to the author of this blog Dr Puneet Gupta who is a qualified GP with special interest in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine, with expertise in non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Dr Gupta is a Microcannula (MicroLipo) and VASER Lipo Body Contouring specialist and is currently one of the very few physicians in the UK and Europe practising Microcannula Tumescent Liposuction.

Dr Gupta has performed over 3000 MicroLipo procedures to date, using his specialist skills and methodology for Breast Fat Transfer procedures and to treat patients suffering from Lipoedema.

Thanks to the author

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