5 Things You Didn’t Know About Botox

Laura Eccleston
By Laura Eccleston

Laura graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Biomedical Science. She has since undertaken various roles in the pharmaceutical industry before joining MediZen in 2019.

Botox injections don’t just reduce lines of facial expression. Botulinum toxin, the active ingredient in Botox and it has many other uses:

Botox can be used to reduce excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis, as the condition is properly known, can reduce excessive sweating by over 95% after treatment, and the effects can last from 4 months up to one year.

Freedom from unwanted dark patches and unpleasant smells at last!


treating chronic migraines

It can be used to treat chronic migraines

Botox injections are injected into the scalp, moderating the production and effect of pain-producing neurotransmitters in the brain that give us chronic migraines.

Almost all patients treated with Botox for chronic migraines at our MediZen Clinic experience a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of their headaches.

However, treatment should only be performed by a doctor, who is qualified to exclude other causes of headache that may need more detailed investigation or other specialist treatment.

Botox can be used to treat Acne

Minute doses of Botox injections are injected superficially into the affected areas which can significantly reduce the severity of facial acne, particularly recurrent spots occurring in the same area on a regular basis.

Pore size is reduced, and the skin takes on a more even texture.

treating Acne
How to treat Raynaud's Disease

It can be used to treat Raynaud's Disease

This is a condition that is sometimes inherited, which causes the fingers to become cold, white and/or blue and painful with relatively minor exposure to cold.

It is caused by hypersensitivity of the muscular wall of the arteries supplying the fingers, causing the circulation to be reduced in the fingers.

In severe cases, ulceration and frostbite can result.

Injection of Botox into the bases of the fingers can be very effective in improving circulation, lasting for 3-4 months or more.

Botox can be used to treat 'Teeth Grinding' or 'Bruxism'

Bruxism or 'teeth grinding', is a problem for many, and can, in turn, lead to headaches, damaged teeth and a square, wide jaw, which in women, can be defeminising.

Many patients struggle with uncomfortable and expensive dental mouth guards and devices, so this can be a welcome and very effective alternative.

Botox Injections into the overactive muscles can be a quick, effective and painless solution.

treating 'Teeth Grinding' or 'Bruxism'

If you want to read more, the experts at Consulting Room really know what they're talking about and have put together Botulinum ToxinBotoxAzzalureDysportBocoutureXeomin and also lines and wrinkles FAQs just for you. 

If you have more questions, you can use the Botulinum ToxinBotoxAzzalureDysportBocoutureXeomin and also lines and wrinkles questions feature to talk to our panel of trained medical experts. 

If you're keen to get started with any of these treatments right away then you're in luck - those clever folks also have a list of trusted, accredited Botulinum ToxinBotoxAzzalureDysportBocoutureXeomin and also line and wrinkle clinics in your area.

MediZen was founded in 1999 by the worldwide trainer and key opinion leader for Allergan, Dr. David Eccleston, we are the Midlands Premier Aesthetic Clinic.

Medizen provide a range of treatments covering face, skin and body all with the aim of helping you feel your most confident self.

It is our firm belief that this can only be achieved in a medically led clinic such as ours.

Our Birmingham based clinic has a wide range of facilities that allow us to offer a variety of quality treatments from laser treatment to CoolSculpting®, miraDry to skincare and lots more.

Give Medizen a call on 0121 392 8552 or visit medizen.co.uk for more information.

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