Cognitive Health

Khaled Elshorbagy
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Cognitive Health

Natural ASX is a multi-functional ingredient with benefits not just for the body, but also helping to keep the mind clear and focused. The brain is the primary control center of the body, controlling everything from physical movement to thoughts and emotions, so it makes sense to protect this vital organ as much as we can. 

As we age, the brain's natural antioxidant capacity starts to decline, and it becomes more vulnerable to attack from free radicals. This makes natural ASX an essential nutrient for those aged 50 and above who want to sustain their brain health and cognitive function.

Recommended by neurologists and health experts, natural ASX has been shown to reduce age-related forgetfulness, multi-tasking, and alertness - helping to keep your mind sharp as you age.

As always, if you have any questions you can use our CORE ASX Q&A where you can ask for more advice.

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