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Patient Success Story - Acne and acne scarring at S-Thetics Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Beaconsfield

Testimonial from our patient, Katie, 20, who has had her acne and acne scarring addressed using a combination approach of topical skincare, facial treatments and microneedling, including Fire & Ice and Hydrafacial. Katie had suffered with severe acne throughout her teens and eventually underwent treatment with Roaccutane to treat this. There were some residual acne breakouts after she had finished this treatment, as well as redness to her skin due to the inflammation that the years of acne had caused. She was also very self conscious about the acne scarring on her face which made her always cover her face with make-up. Acne is a skin condition which affects many of us, at various stages of life. Commonly linked with changes to hormone levels during puberty, adult acne can also affect many people throughout their life. At S-Thetics we have a range of advanced treatments which can manage not only active acne but also help reduce acne scarring, using devices, topical cosmeceutical skincare and facial treatments.

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