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September 26, 2018
I have been a patient of Dr Farrell's for several years and received successful treatment from her for skin cancer. I also suffer from facial rosacea and receive laser treatment for this from Dr Farrell with fantastic results. She is friendly, caring, highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. Her Dermatology Consulting clinic is fabulous and the whole team put the patient at the centre of everything they do. The clinic staff are friendly and welcoming and put you at ease. I always feel in safe hands when I visit Dr Farrell and would not go anywhere else for the care of my skin. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

September 17, 2018
I had my first treatment with Dr Farrell 11 or so years ago when a friend who had been pleased with her own treatment recommended the Clinic. Since then, I have had regular treatments for a minor skin complaint and also to combat some of the signs of ageing. I don't need to look 25 again, but I am very glad that there is a variety of safe and gentle treatments which Dr Farrell offers which really can help improve the status quo! Dr Farrell herself is super-qualified and clued up on state of the art treatment methods. I know that she makes it her mission to keep aligned with best practices globally and invests significantly in equipment. She always takes considerable time to have detailed conversations with me about what I want to achieve. I have 100% trust in the impartial advice I am offered. Dr Farrell's team of highly personable and knowledgeable staff make me feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the process - from making my booking to aftercare. The clinic is immaculate, clinically clean as well as being beautifully designed and comfortable. I can unreservedly recommend Dermatology Consulting and Dr Anne Farrell.

September 5, 2018
I met Dr Anne Farrell 4 years ago when I had a skin condition on legs which my GP was unable to diagnose. Dr Farrell in one consultation diagnosed it and gave me good advice and the correct antibiotics and creams. She solved the problem very professionally and very rapidly. I have recently had reason to see Dr Anne Farrell again. While walking my dog in some fields I was bitten by an adder as I understood that their venom was nor particularly potent and I felt OK my first visit was to my GP who very honestly said I do not know what to do try A & E. In all I tried 5 different clinicians 3 of whom did not know we had snakes in this country 1 who said what do you expect me to do and my own GP. By then a few days after the bite the toxins in the venom had turned my legs into a frightening colour which was worsening and spreading. I decided that I again needed the help and advice of Dr Anne Farrell. She said that she had never seen a snake bite in her career so she immediately started researching them and she also had a conversation with the poisons unit at a London hospital. She was the first person to actually try and help and she was able to prescribe the correct antibiotics and creams to treat and cure my problem. This all happened within the last 10 days and my legs are now almost back to normal and I will soon be able to walk my dog again but definitely not to the same field! Dr Anne Farrell was kind, caring and very professional (as were her staff) at what was a very frightening time for me and I cannot praise her enough.

August 19, 2018
I brought my son to see Dr Farrell for his persistent acne.After two years of treatment by our helpful GP with topical antibiotics, topical retinoids and several long term courses of antibiotic tablets it had not improved much at all. I chose Dr Farrell as after research found her reviews to be impressive and it was obvious that she was one of the most respected,experienced Dermatologists in the UK. The Clinic is beautiful and immaculate inside and the reception staff professional and welcoming.Dr Farrell also has a very friendly and knowledgeable Nursing team who were always helpful and efficient during our visits. Before our consultation we had already conducted our own research/discussed with our GP and decided that we would like our son to be prescribed Roaccutane. During the consultation Dr Farrell was very informative about the range of treatments she was able to offer to treat acne, including many of the specialist lasers that she has.We discussed at length the treatment plan for Roaccutane and my son decided that this was the route he now wanted to take.Dr Farrell spent a long time with us discussing the pros and cons of each specific acne treatment and at no time did we feel rushed into choosing the correct treatment for him.She showed us photos of what we could expect the skin to look like during the various acne treatments and photos of the end results. Dr Farrell also then explained the costs of the treatments and the length of time we could expect to see changes/results. We not only were given lots of information to digest before we made our decision but one of Dr Farrells' experienced nurses took time with us after the consultation to talk through some further questions we thought of afterwards.At no time did we feel pressurised into making a decision, in fact we were encouraged to go away and process the information then contact the clinic if we wished to proceed. My son saw Dr Farrell monthly for 6 months whilst he was prescribed Roaccutane. At every follow up appointment Dr Farrell spent time with my son discussing how he felt at every stage and was able to reassure us and treat the minor side effects that some patients can experience whilst on Roaccutane. It is now 6 months on from our initial consultation and the treatment is completed and my son's skin is completely clear of acne.He is so very happy with the results and thanks me every day for taking him to see Dr Farrell.He has grown in confidence and everyone who sees him says how wonderful his skin is now looking after two years of battling persistent teenage acne. I can't thank Dr Farrell enough for her knowledge, kindness and professionalism in the treatment of my son. I can highly recommend to anyone searching for a kind, caring, research based professional Consultant Dermatologist that they should definitely see Dr Anne Farrell at Dermatology Consulting.

March 24, 2018
Dr Farrell is an outstanding dermatologist who has transformed my skin. I suffered from stubborn cystic acne and acne scars for many years, but after following Dr Farrell's treatment plan, my acne cleared in just 4 weeks. Since then, I have had numerous skin and laser treatments with Dr Farrell to treat my acne scars and I have seen impressive results. I feel completely safe in her hands and there is no one else I would trust with my skin. Her clinic is elegant and immaculate, and her team are incredibly kind and welcoming. Dr Farrell is a lovely person who really cares about her patients, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure that you receive the best possible care. I cannot recommend her clinic more highly.

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