The Treatment That Helped Me Say Goodbye to Acne

Zoe Myers
By Zoe Myers

My name is Zoe and I am a self-confessed skin addict! I believe that everyone has the right to feel confident in their skin so I created Authentic Aesthetics.

Hi, I'm Zoe...

I'm an aesthetician at Authentic Aesthetics in Kenilworth where our mission is to give you total skin confidence so that you can be your authentic self. We believe that everyone has the right to feel great in their own skin and not have to cover it up with make-up. 

So when one of my favourite clients Erin asked how we could treat her severe acne I knew we could help give her the best skin of their life!

But don't take my word for it... I'm going to hand over to the lovely Erin to share how she said goodbye (and good riddance!) to acne and acne scarring...

Confessions of a former Acne sufferer...

Hey, I'm Erin, I'm 26 and fun fact: I'm a Canadian ex-pat living in England because I met my partner on a ski holiday! The not-so-fun fact is that I'm a long-time acne sufferer... or I should say I was a long-time acne sufferer... 

Acne Treatment Kenilworth

I’ve been battling acne since I was 13 and my confidence was low.. 3/10 low.

I thought I'd tried everything...

The Clinique 3 step system, Proactive, Rodan and Fields, oil washing, all-natural products, pretty much everything non-medical. 

I decided to seek treatment as I’ve been battling acne since I was 13 and nothing worked. 

So I found Zoe through social media, shared by mutual friends and figured I had nothing to lose.

I had regular HydraFacial treatments with acne regimen boosters to get rid of my acne then a year later some microneedling for acne scarring.

Hydrafacial: These were really relaxing! I love a good skincare routine and if anything, the most ‘uncomfortable’ part is the red/blue light therapy, only because it’s so bright! Pain? 0/10.

Microneedling: Zoe used numbing cream and only worked section by section so it wouldn’t wear off. I’ve never had a tattoo but that’s what I was told it would be similar to. The hardest part was the bony bits, so forehead, brow bones and chin. Pain? 6/10.

Get rid of acne permanently
Acne Treatment

The question I wanted to know before I started treatment was "what about the side effects?". Well, there was no downtime from Hydrafacial at all, and I felt so glowy after! With Microneedling, I had a bit of redness and, which I was told to expect. 

Am I happy with the results?

YES! I am So satisfied! I’m a client for life! HydraFacial acne treatment has completely turned my skin around.

I get SO many comments from people saying my skin has cleared up so much since I’ve seen them last, that I look amazing without makeup!

What's my skin confidence factor out of 10 since I started my acne treatment? 10/10 and I can’t wait until the next HydraFacial!

What is my one piece of advice for anyone who suffers from acne? There is hope. You have options so don't give up. Reach out and ask for help from someone who knows what they’re talking about!

I wish I contacted Zoe sooner so I could have kicked acne to the curb years ago!

Acne Scarring Microneedling
Get rid of acne
HydraFacial Acne treatment Kenilworth

If you want to read more, the experts at Consulting Room really know what they're talking about and have put together some acne, acne scarring, HydraFacial and microneedling treatment FAQs just for you. 

If you have more questions, you can use the HydraFacial treatment questions, microneedling treatment questions, acne treatment questions or acne scarring treatment questions feature to talk to our panel of trained medical experts. 

If you're keen to get started with acne treatment right away then you're in luck - those clever folks also have a list of trusted, accredited acne clinics, acne scarring clinics, HydraFacial clinics and clinics that offer microneedling treatment in your area.

It's so easy to do, you'll barely have any time to say goodbye to your acne!


Acne clinic in Kenilworth

Thanks to Zoe, the acne skin expert from Authentic Aesthetics in Kenilworth. 

Zoe was a UK trainer for the HydraFacial company so she knows what she's talking about! 

Her mission is to not only perform treatments but also educate her clients about how their skin works so that they can have complete faith in why she has chosen that treatment for them and how it will give them the best skin of their life!

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