The Most Googled Dental Questions Answered

Dr Stephen Dodd
By Dr Stephen Dodd

Dr Dodd is a refreshing figure in dentistry. He has completely transformed Ringway Dental into a hub for skilled cosmetic and implant treatment.

How often do I really need to see the dentist? 

For general dentistry examinations, we recommend you visit us every 6 months.
For hygiene, this is dependent on what you need/what your maintenance plan is i.e. do you have dental implants? Generally speaking, it’s between 2-4 times a year in order to maintain good gum health. 

Is there anything I can do at home to help keep my teeth white? 

Preventative action is paramount for helping to keep teeth white. Avoiding highly coloured foods and drinks where possible is a good idea as they can increase teeth staining. In terms of toothpaste, there are whitening toothpastes that are specifically designed for discoloured teeth. They work by being slightly more abrasive than your regular toothpaste so they can help remove stains better, but it’s worth noting that they don’t actually whiten the teeth. I’d also avoid teeth whitening kits bought over the counter as the concentration of the whitening gel that can be sold is very low so they won’t really have an effect. It’s for this reason that I’d always recommend going to your dentist for whitening kits as we can offer the highest strength and quality. 
Is there anything I can do at home to help keep my teeth white? 

Do I need to use mouthwash? 

It’s not essential. If you’re brushing and using interdental brushes/flossing twice a day then a mouthwash is not essential but it can be a nice tool to use to help your mouth feel fresher. Listerine is a good option here. 

When should my child first see a dentist? 

Your child should see the dentist as soon as their teeth come through. There’s potential for tooth decay as soon as they erupt so getting them in to see a dentist as soon as possible is definitely a good idea. A big benefit of going to the dentist from a young age is that it’s great for acclimatising the child to the dentist as it can reduce nervousness and phobias later down the line. We can also guide you in creating healthy oral hygiene habits too. 

What type of toothpaste should I use? 

There’s an array of toothpaste available but they generally fall into three categories: whitening, sensitive and regular. Ensure it’s from a reputable brand and is fluoride-based. A note on sensitive toothpaste - they do work and are great for those who suffer from sensitivity. I often recommend Colgate Sensitive to patients for this. 
Why do my gums bleed? 

Why do my gums bleed? 

Bleeding gums is a sign that something is wrong with the gum health. It means that there is active gum inflammation caused by bacteria. There are varying scales of gum disease. It could be gingivitis or if it’s more extreme, it could be known as something called periodontitis. If they bleed at home when you brush you certainly need to have them checked by a dentist to check why that is.

Are electric toothbrushes better than manual ones? 

This is an interesting debate as a manual toothbrush, if used correctly, is perfectly adequate in removing plaque from the teeth. What we find is that people tend not to use a manual toothbrush very well and this is why we recommend electric toothbrushes as they do all the hard work for you. 

Do I really need to floss every day? 

You do need to floss every day but I personally recommend the use of interdental brushes. Floss won’t often be big enough in gaps/spaces between some teeth. Interdental brushes (i.e. TeePee) of the right size get in between the gaps to remove plaque properly. 

Why are my teeth sensitive to the cold? 

This could be for a few different reasons. Firstly there's gum recession. If the gums recede a lot there’s the potential to expose the root surface of the teeth which is very sensitive. Another reason for sensitivity to the cold could simply be due to wear and tear and protective enamel thinning. Enamel thinning exposes something known as our dentine which is also very sensitive. Finally, lots of acidic food and drinks can also wear enamel away resulting in sensitivity to things like cold drinks/ice cream. 

What foods/drinks should I avoid for the health of my teeth? 

Sugary foods and drinks and snacking on these throughout the day will cause tooth decay. The sugar in the food starts to rot the teeth and can then cause cavities. If you get a cavity you’ll need a filling, or if the decay hits the nerve of the tooth, you’ll need root canal treatment or tooth removal. I’d also recommend avoiding acidic drinks i.e. diet drinks. If you’re sipping on these throughout the day it's likely to cause enamel erosion resulting in your dentine becoming exposed which can cause pain and sensitivity. 

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