Dr. Abs Settipalli

  • MChD BChD BSc
  • Cosmetic doctor
  • Cosmetic dentist
  • Author
  • Masters in Aesthetic Analysis & Reconstruction, Italy
  • Lectured at multiple universities in the UK and abroad
  • Medical consultant at Aesthetic Technology (globally)
  • Dermatological consultant at GetHarley (globally)
  • Medical Technology consultant at Dermalogica (globally)
  • Consultant in Proteomics and Biochemistry research at University of Milan, Italy
  • Clinical educator at Cosmedix, USA
  • Senior lecturer at PriMed Pharmacy, UK
  • Global key opinion leader for Professional Dietetics
  • Global key opinion leader for Aesthetic Technology
  • Speaker at medical conferences nationally and internationally
  • Inventor of light therapy protocols used globally
  • Currently in publishing process for book on applications of Quantum Physics / Electrodynamics in Cosmetic Medicine

Dr. Abs is an award-winning doctor and dentist that has practised, taught and invented across the world. Having created treatment techniques in use globally he is highly sought after for his deep knowledge in both injectable products as well as medical devices. Experience teaching and authoring in quantum physics, advanced proteomics and cellular biochemistry means that he is able to cut through common marketing fallacies with ease and teach it in a universally understandable way to his students/patients.

Having treated celebrities from Hollywood to Monaco and in between as well as having lectured in universities in the UK, Spain, Australia and more, he works very closely as a global key opinion leader for  device, injectable and skincare companies internationally to create the next generation of products that push medical boundaries. His personal interests range from medical device physics to collagen biochemistry to advanced facial analysis and more - these are shown to great detail in his work as an author as well as his YouTube channel.

Exposing The Skin Boosters Myth


Exposing The Skin Boosters Myth

Exposing The Skin Boosters Myth. After all, who doesn’t wish to keep their face youthful while slowing the ageing process?