5 Things a Surgeon Wants You to Know About Face Lifts

Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

Danielle Lowe is the Marketing Manager for ConsultingRoom.com, the UK’s largest aesthetic information website. 

Face lift surgery has evolved significantly over the past decade and Mr Naveen Cavale, renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon, stands at the forefront of these advancements. 
“Traditionally, face lifts were considered one of more extreme cosmetic procedures and their popularity in the UK has never been huge when compared to other countries like the US for example” says Mr Cavale. “However, there has been a dramatic shift in the transparency from those in the public eye and an acceptance of aesthetic procedures is resulting in a new era for face lift surgery. It’s now the second most common procedure that I’m performing at my hospital and I think that the trend will continue well into 2024". 
But what do you need to know about the surgery? Mr Cavale shares 5 things he wants you to know about this surgery that is gaining more traction than ever. 

1. You might decide to have the surgery sooner than you might think 

In the past, our typical face lift patient was someone in their sixties. Now we’re seeing people closer to 45+ coming in for surgery.
This is interesting from a surgeon’s perspective as doing it around the 45-50 mark means we're likely to get a better long-term result. It’s also easier to maintain if we do it at a younger age.
It also acts as a preventative measure to tackle the signs of ageing early on too. 

2. Filler fatigue is one of the main reasons cited for face lifts in my patients 

Filler can only achieve so much and some of my patients have reached the point where they’re not getting the results they want from non-surgical procedures. Filler fatigue is where patients have had probably too much filler injected and rather than having the naturally-lifted effect that they once did, the fillers are now creating a more swollen finish.
This is where a face lift would come in.
All filler would need to be dissolved first, then we would look to do a deep plane facelift, perhaps with some micro fat injections, to create a very natural result, working in harmony with the natural contours of the face. The goal of my surgery is always to leave patients looking like themselves, just more refreshed. 

3. Look for practitioners that specialists in ‘deep-plane’ techniques 

A deep plane facelift is a surgical procedure where we aim to lift the mid-face - something that is hard to do with the traditional facelift techniques where it’s often just the skin that’s lifted.
I combine it with various other methods and the result is a very subtle but incredibly effective lift of the whole face. Patients who undergo this procedure with me will look younger, and more refreshed but will still be recognisable as themselves.
The other benefit of having a deep plane facelift is that longevity-wise, it’ll last so much longer than the traditional method of just lifting the skin. 

4. Be wary of fad procedures like the ‘one stitch face lift’ 

The aesthetics field can be a murky place, with many charlatans claiming that you can achieve good results with procedures like the ‘one stitch face lift’. I don’t think you’ll achieve great results with a one-stitch facelift. The results also don’t last very long, whereas a proper facelift will have longevity. Threads have issues too as they can often become infected. They’re also a pain to remove and they can cause issues if you decide to have a facelift later down the line. Facial rejuvenation is a holistic discipline – one has to tackle the entire face, and this is not simple. Also, look at managing your skin too!
Good skin care is the foundation for any facial interventions, be it surgical or non-surgical. Get any active skin conditions nicely under control first, see a dermatologist if necessary.
The neck needs to be taken into consideration

5. The neck needs to be taken into consideration 

A great face-lift result is almost always accompanied by a great neck lift. If the neck isn’t tackled well, it doesn’t matter how great the surgery on the face is.
So seek out a surgeon who knows how to do a good neck. This will be someone who offers different interventions, such as liposuction, skin-tightening, fat transfer, as well as appropriate skin care and non-surgical interventions.

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