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I had a course of 6 dermalux treatments very close to each other and the results are still working after finishing the last treatment in January. My face has changed a lot and my face and neck are considerably thinner. This may be the anti aging effect which is really dramatic as my face has lost all its fat and contours and my face has lost all firmness as well.

I would not recommend these treatments as they can be very harmful especially done so close together.

I have pictures of before I started treatment and everyday after. The change is very visible and dramatic. I have always had a very big face and now it’s so thin I look like a skeleton.

It’s like all the fat literally disappeared.

I don’t believe these treatments are safe so please be careful.


Reviewed 05 April 2018


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If you would like to see before and after please leave a message and email and I will send to you.

If anyone out there knows what exactly has happened to me after these led treatments please leave a message.

Sue Ibrahim, Member Since 05 April 2018

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