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Since 01 May 2017

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Aesthetician Karilina Duda do not trust her with your face. She ruined my look by permanently changing my features and I didn't ask her to work on those areas. Don't risk your face in her hands.


Reviewed 01 May 2017


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Thank you for your recent review. We are extremely disappointed to hear you were unhappy with your result; unfortunately as you have not provided your details we are unable to contact you to discuss a resolution to your concerns. Please contact the clinic directly to discuss your experience, patient care is extremely important to us at Court House clinics and we would like work with you to resolve your concerns. Kind Regards Courthouse Clinics Wimpole Street


Location:  Stockport

My review is concerned with Dr Brighton who treated me in the Stockport Court House Clinic which subsequently moved to Wilmslow, Cheshire and which is not listed here. I had macrolane injections which were extremely painful and uncomfortable. Dr Brighton injected my muscle tissue by mistake (this was confirmed by a subsequent mammogram at Stepping Hill hospital)and left me with a grotesquely mis-shapen breast as a result. Although macrolane is supposed to dissolve completely over two years, I still have a lump which shows no signs of going away. I have complained on a number of occasions - at first Dr Brighton tried to convince me he had achieved a ''good result''... more recently, however, he admitted that I was one of the first patients he injected with macrolane, that it was far from a good result and that he has ''since refined the technique significantly''. Court House Clinics refused to refund my money on the basis that I was aware of the risk involved. I was absolutely not aware I was to be a guinea pig on which for Dr Brighton to practice - had I been, then I very much doubt I would have gone ahead with the procedure.

Reviewed 01 January 2014