Ruptured implant during pregnancy

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Question: Ruptured implant during pregnancy

Hello, sonographic examination showed that I have a ruptured silicone implant (Eurosilicone TMM2). I am in 20th week of my pregnancy. I didn’t have and accident and I didn’t feel anything, it’s possible it’s ruptured longer time. Can the ruptured implant be dangerous for me or my baby? What should I do? Is operation necessary due to my condition? Can I breastfeed? Thank you very much for your advice.

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Clinic Manager & Events Coordinator Lynsey Georgeson

Dr Nestor Cosmetics Centre

3rd August 2023

Answer: Hello. I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately this is something we cannot help or advise on. We would suggest you contact your GP if you have not done so, and possibly reach out to Spire, they perhaps have a surgeon specialising in this. I wish you a speedy recovery. Kind regards, Lisa, Patient Coordinator.

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