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The top layer of skin is scraped from the face with a medical-grade scalpel. Removes dead skin cells and excess facial hair (peach fuzz). Stimulates the production of young skin cells and boost collagen production. Prevents premature aging. Leaves patients with a smooth, youthful and dewy appearance. Skin glows. Activates collagen production. Your skin will be able to fully absorb the high-quality serums and moisturisers you apply at home, making your skincare regimen more effective. This treatment minimizes the possibility of future acne outbreaks by cleaning your pores and removing oil and dirt from your facial hair, as well as easing some of the redness associated with past acne scarring. Who is a good candidate? A person who wants to reduce pores and remove blemishes on their face, or eliminate peach fuzz. Those who are interested in improving their skin’s overall look and health.

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