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15/02/2007 | MSN - Lifestyle - Beauty

By Louise O'Connoll
Cosmetic surgery alternatives
A woman prepares to receive a botox injection  (image©Rex Features )There’s no doubt that cosmetic surgery is becoming ever more popular. In 2006 there was a 40% rise in procedures in Britain, with liposuction going up by 90%.
However, despite the increase, many of us who fancy a little nip or a tuck are put off by the expense, potential pain, horror stories and weeks of swelling and bruising.
But if you dream of thinner thighs in an hour or a firmer face in fifteen minutes, read on for the latest cosmetic surgery alternatives.
Lunchtime lipo
The idea of popping out for a sandwich and getting your lumpy bits sucked out at the same time is very tempting.
There are two new procedures around that for the first time provide real alternatives to liposuction. Both procedures work by breaking down the membranes of fat cells, turning the fat to liquid, which the body then expels as a toxin through the lymph system, liver and bladder.

SmartLipo is a lipo-lite type procedure that involves a laser to heat and burst the fat cells’ membrane, so that the body can expel the liquid fat as a toxin. A local anaesthetic is used on the area to be treated, which can include the chin, bingo wings, hips, knees, thighs and abdomen. Then a metal tube called a cannular is inserted into the area. At just 1mm thick, the cannular leaves a tiny scar less than a centimetre wide. A laser is passed through it directly targeting the fat cells. SmartLipo has the added bonus of tightening the skin, so you are not left with loose skin after the procedure. A session costs around £1,800.

You only need one session and results are visible after three to four weeks. For more information and treatment call Skin Health Spa who have six centres in the UK and Ireland; visit or look at to find other clinics offering SmartLipo.
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