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05/03/2005 | The Site.Org

Outie op


I have a belly button that is kind of half-outie, half-innie. It's knocked my self-confidence and makes me feel abnormal. I want to be an actress and dancer so badly but recently memories of been bullied about it have been holding me back.

I've been looking for places that would be able to perform the operation (umbilicoplasty) to change its appearance but can't find anything either privately or on the NHS.

I'm too self-conscious to tell my doctor or call NHS Direct. Can you point me in the direction of somewhere that could perform the operation?


Since you're seriously considering cosmetic surgery on your belly button there are few things you should consider. While the umbilicoplasty operation is fairly low risk and can be performed as an out patient procedure, all surgery can cause complications. How drastic the surgery would be for you is something you need to discuss with a doctor and surgeon if you decide to go ahead. The operation always involves the use of an anaesthetic and some amount of post-operation pain and bruising.

To find a clinic that would be able to help you can
search the Consulting Room database. Privately the cost could be between £800 and £1500.

Although it's unlikely you would be able to get an NHS referral in the circumstances you describe it would still be a good idea to talk over your plans with your local doctor (GP). They will be able to talk through all your options with you. Seeing your doctor is completely confidential and they're used to dealing with all kinds of issues affecting all areas of the body, so try not to be worried or embarrassed talking about your bellybutton.

NHS direct is a confidential service providing advice from nurses. They may be able to help you and offer some extra guidance. You can call them on 0845 46 47 or send an online enquiry if you don't want to talk on the phone.

You might also find it beneficial to consider how your self-confidence affects how you feel about your body. Although the surgery could alter your belly button and make you feel you fit in it's always important to feel happy and confident about who you are now.

You also might find it helpful to talk to someone about all the things you are going through and have been through. If you don't have a family member or friend you can confide in you could try speaking to SupportLine, they provide emotional support for young people on 020 8554 9004.

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