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Nigel Poole Q.C.

Nigel Poole Q.C. is a barrister specialising in clinical negligence and has particular experience in cosmetic surgery litigation, a subject on which he has lectured widely. He practises at Kings Chambers.

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Cosmetic Surgery - Knowing Your Legal Rights

This will help you to understand your rights if you are contemplating cosmetic surgery, or if you have had cosmetic surgery and something has gone wrong.

Do private healthcare patients read the small print? They should do.

Who is liable if the surgery is negligently performed or if the doctor makes a wrong diagnosis? Is the provider - the cosmetic surgery clinic liable for the negligence of the surgeon? Or is its function and responsibility limited to introducing the patient to a surgeon, such that the surgeon is personally liable for his or her negligence and no-one else?

Should an Apprentice Run a Cosmetic Procedures Business?

There are several ironies involved in Dr Leah Totton winning The Apprentice. To BAPRAS she does indeed look like `The Apprentice` when it comes to offering cosmetic procedures.

Giving Bolam a Nip and a Tuck For Clinical Negligence in Private Cosmetic Surgery

If there is one passage in one clinical negligence judgment which all clinical negligence practitioners know, it is the Bolam test, which says that a doctor is not guilty of negligence if he has acted in accordance with a practice accepted as proper by a responsible body of medical men skilled in that particular art. The difficult question in relation to say, private cosmetic surgery practice, is to identify what is a responsible or reasonable body of opinion.

When a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Goes into Administration

The Harley Medical Centre Limited has gone into administration. Where does that leave those of its patients who have been dissatisfied with their treatment? This blog addresses the relationship between patients and the providers of cosmetic surgery services, in the light of the news that The Harley Medical Centre Limited has gone into administration.

Cosmetic Surgery Advertising Ban, Don't shoot the messenger

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has lobbied for strict controls on advertising for cosmetic surgery. BAAPS has consistently stood up for high standards and its recommendations should be seen in the context of a general campaign to improve services to cosmetic surgery patients. However, some of the recommendations are probably unnecessary, some would be difficult to implement and others are directed to the message about cosemtic surgery services when arguably it is the services themselves which require attention.

Cosmetic Surgery Litigation - the Impact of Advertising

A claim for damages for injury resulting from cosmetic surgery treatment may be brought in contract and/or tort. In this blog I want to discuss how advertising by the clinic may be relevant to a claim in tort against the surgeon.

Consent to Cosmetic Surgery

Patients and surgeons should be aware that much of the litigation that arises out of cosmetic surgery concerns pre-operative advice rather than the performance of the surgery itself. I have conducted many cases involving the issue of consent to cosmetic surgery. Here are a few matters for patients, surgeons, litigants and their representatives to consider.