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Sarah Brechon

BA(Hons) / PG(Dip.) 

Sarah Brechon regularly Blogs and writes articles about the cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetic industries, from both the perspective of the industry insider and the consumer.

She has in-depth knowledge of a range of industry issues and procedures, developed during her years as Content Marketing Editor and Copywriter for Cosmetic Courses medical aesthetic training and Aurora Clinics plastic surgery and cosmetic centres.

Sarah has a keen interest in social media, digital marketing and how these fields are influencing the sector. 

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What are dark under eye circles and how can you treat them?

One of the areas disliked most by is the area under their eyes: dark circles here can appear even more ageing than wrinkles or grey hair. One of the common misconceptions is that under-eye dark circles, bags and puffiness are the same thing.

Are Nipples Really So Offensive?

If you are a social media user / yummy mummy / avid news-follower / combination of all three, you may have noticed the uproar about Nipples. Perhaps you even joined in the debate. Social Media giants Facebook have long been censoring photographs containing breastfeeding images. How does this relate to cosmetic surgery?

The Curse of Leslie Ash: Permanent Fillers cause Permanent Problems

Poor Leslie Ash - I can guarantee that her name will crop up over and over from my clients - “I don’t want to end up looking like Leslie Ash!”

Cosmetic Surgery for the Soul? The Role of the Surgeon as Counsellor

Cosmetic or plastic surgery can provide the outer, aesthetic icing on the cake. It can improve self confidence. But it cannot actually alter who you are: or the external forces in your life before or after. That is why the role of any great surgeon is far more than just as medic or even artiste; the best Consultant Surgeons are great Counsellors too.

Breast Implants: What is the Difference between the CE Mark & FDA Approval?

A frequently asked question at Aurora Clinics recently has been: Are Nagor breast implants as good as Allergan because Allergan have FDA Approval whilst Nagor have a CE Mark instead? With increasing numbers of ladies currently opting for implant replacement (following the recent PIP Implants scare) this question is on the minds of many. However, straightforward information about FDA approval and the CE Mark is not always easy to find.

Breast Implant Surgery is for Life; Not Just For Valentines Day!

Breast enlargement surgery with implants is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment worldwide all year round. We really want to take a moment to send out a very important message A Breast Implant procedure is for life.

Botox Sales & Botox Training Courses in UK Economic Crisis and The Outlook is Good!

As the Financial Times annouces soaring sales in the Botox European Marketplace, Cosmetic Courses annouce that despite the economic gloom delegates have attended Botox training courses in record numbers in 2011.