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Antonia Mariconda also known as The Cosmedic Coach is recognised as a leading authority on health, beauty and cosmetic surgery in the UK. Quoted in publications such as Top Santé, and newspapers such as The Evening Standard, and Daily Mail, Antonia’s name and face are familiar in the world of Beauty.

She is a national health and beauty journalist and the Author of “Acne" -The Essential Guide(Forward Press Need to Know Series), The Cosmetic Surgery Companion – Look and Feel Beautiful (Apple Press) “Foot Care” The Essential Guide (Forward Press Need to Know Series), “PIP Implants – The Essential Guide” (Forward Press Need to Know Series), she is currently writing her 5th book on The Psychology and Screening of the Cosmetic Patient.

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Experts Slam Self Injecting Vloggers that are Causing Public Harm and Damage

The  Safety in Beauty Campaign is aware of a number of complaints being brought forward by members of the public self-injecting dermal fillers and botulinum toxin after watching You Tube Beauty Vloggers and self professed “experts’ publish on line video tutorials.

Call for injectable cosmetic fillers to be banned from public exhibitions

Many beauty shows across the UK are guilty of offering members of the public injectable cosmetic fillers. In a bid to put a halt to this unethical practice, the Safety In Beauty Campaign is pledging to spearhead a ban on the practice at as many beauty shows possible around the UK.

Mind the Gap - There must be psychological screening for cosmetic surgery patients

As aesthetic surgery becomes increasingly popular, proper patient selection becomes even more important to the entire surgery process. Before agreeing to operate, a surgeon must evaluate the psychological condition of a patient.

Does Vaser Lipo work? The Big Reveal?

My previous two blogs on The Consulting Room shared with you my step by step process of thinking about having VASER lipo, all the way through to the day of my actual procedure. So the big question is... did it work? The answer is YES, and that is a BIG yes. I am now a VASER Lipo convert.

A guide to choosing the right procedure and clinic.. Part 2: The Procedure

Antonia Mariconda a.k.a The Cosmedic Coach discusses her experience of deciding to undergo Liposuction. In Part 2 she describes her procedure and her time at the clinic.

A guide to choosing the right procedure and clinic to suit your needs

Antonia Maraconda a.k.a The Cosmedic Coach discusses her experience of deciding to undergo Liposuction. How do you decide what Clinic / Treatment is right for you? What should you ask your surgeon?