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Marea Brennan Thorns

Marea Brennan Thorns MSc RN NIP is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and co-founder of Qutis Clinics and MBNS Clinic.

Marea worked as a peripatetic aesthetic nurse before co-founding Medico Beauty Nurse Services (MBNS) in 1999 with fellow business partner and nurse practitioner, Stephanie Green.

During 2001-2004 Marea chaired the Royal College of Nursing’s forum for nurses working in aesthetic medicine and was a member of the steering group responsible for the development and publication of Aesthetic Nursing Competencies, now available from the RCN.  In June 2007 Marea completed an advanced nurse qualification as an Independent Nurse Prescriber at Oxford Brookes University.

She has been instrumental in developing advanced soft tissue augmentation injection techniques for lip enhancement, as well as optimal correction of facial lines and facial sculpting. More recently, she has been involved with injection technique training courses, for cosmetic use of Botulinum Toxin A Treatments and volumetric lifting of the face. She is a frequent speaker at national professional conferences and seminars.

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Botox treatments should be natural!

Botox treatments should be natural. We pride ourselves on delivering a natural or European look, as opposed to the American or deer caught in headlights look! A European look means that the person can still have expression, but the wrinkles are softened.

Identifying Advanced Nurse Practitioners working in Aesthetic Medicine

The role of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) is constantly evolving and many ANPs work like doctors, in that they assess, diagnose, prescribe medication and treat patients; surely it is now time for the NMC register to provide a distinction between newly qualified nurses and an ANP?