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Dr Philip Dobson

Dr Philip Dobson graduated from the Royal London Hospital Medical College, University of London. After completing vocational training in General Practice and working as a GP for 8 years he was appointed as Medical Director to the Eye Clinic where he was responsible for establishing a nationwide laser vision correction service. 

Dr Dobson continues to work as a cosmetic & laser physician, carrying out a wide range of procedures and is trained in the use of more than 20 laser and intense pulsed light systems. He holds a postgraduate diploma in skin surgery.

Dr Dobson is Medical Director of LCS Healthcare and holds board certification under RPA 2000 as a Laser Radiation Protection Adviser. LCS Healthcare provides assistance to organisations registering with the Care Quality Commission with the application process, regulatory compliance, facility design, infection control, audit and clinical governance. He lectures extensively on regulatory compliance in both the laser and medical fields.

Web Address: https://www.beaufortmedical.co.uk/ Email Address: admin@beaufortmedical.co.uk

CQC : Care Quality Commission or Can't Quite Cope?

The fact that the CQC is 'not fit for purpose' seems finally to have begun to dawn on the government and Department of Health.

Aesthetic Surgery Services Standard CEN TC403

The European Standard for Aesthetic Surgery Services (CEN TC403) is now in its second draft and due to be considered further by the committee following receipt of comments made by stake holding parties throughout the EU. There is considerable confusion and consternation about this document and the possible consequences of it eventual implementation as a standard for the medical and surgical cosmetic sector in the UK.

Do I Still Need Local Rules, Risk Assessments and Medical Protocols?

This question is equally valid if you are a Healthcare Professional (Doctor/Nurse etc) using laser and IPL systems and will continue to be regulated by the CQC.

Local Authorities step in to regulate non-healthcare use of lasers and light from October 1st

It seems that the Health and Safety Officers around the country are preparing to fill the void left by the Department of Health deregulation.

CQC Inspectors - The New `Health Traffic` Wardens

The new regulations give a range of powers to CQC inspectors which range from informal chats, enforcement notices, prohibition notices.

CQC re-registration period coming to an end!

If you are registered with the CQC under the Care Standards Act 2000 as an independent healthcare provider.

FREE Care Quality Commission Registrations between 1st July and 1st October 2010!!!

The closing date for applications to register with the CQC for healthcare establishments under the Care Standards Act 2000 is the 1st of July 2010.